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Backhauls for Private Fleets

If you are a Manufacturer or Shipper that ownes⁄operates a fleet a trucks or a carrier needing additional help and would like to recover some backhaul expense, this program is for you. Let Rainbow Logistics explain how working together will create a stress-free life for you.
So how much could we rebate you?? Depending on the number of trucks that you operate. Lets say you have 1 truck, your rebate would be in the neighborhood of $45,000 a year. We have rebated one account over 1,600,000.00 in just over 3 years. Contact us to get started today!


CARRIER must apply for Operating Authority and MC Number with Department of Transportation.
CARRIER to supply copy to AGENT
CARRIER to secure Liability Insurance ($1,000,000) and Cargo Insurance ($100,000)
CARRIER to supply copy to AGENT
CARRIER and AGENT must sign POWER OF ATTORNEY. Must be Notarized.
AGENT must supply copy of POWER OF ATTORNEY to their Bank.
CARRIER must sign PAYMENT ASSIGNMENT LETTER on their letterhead.
These letters will accompany invoices to Shippers and 3PL’s.
If payments are mailed to CARRIER, CARRIER must surrender to AGENT.
CARRIER must collect delivered bills (P.O.D.’s) from their drivers and mail to AGENT for invoicing.
AGENT will pay CARRIER twenty-one (21) days from receipt of P.O.D.’s. AGENT will not pay for loads without signed proofs-of-delivery (P.O.D.’s)
CARRIER must supply AGENT the following:
  • Driver List
  • Cell Numbers
  • Assigned Tractor Number
CARRIER must supply AGENT the following:
  • Trailer list
  • Trailer Number
  • Size: 48’, 53”, Air-ride ect.
CARRIER must fax or email their AVAILABLE TRUCK LIST twenty-four hours prior to being available for loading.
CARRIER DRIVER must call a Toll-Free number for
  • Load Information
  • When loaded
  • Report delivery exceptions
  • When empty.
AGENT will supply CARRIER a Login that gives the ability to monitor load details and driver progress.